eCommunity presents: A specialized algorithm that assesses all relevant issues in order to better promote your products on Amazon.

You’ll receive a detailed report including all recommended improvements your product pages and store need in order to improve your rankings and, most importantly, sales!

Optimize your sales in Amazon

Marketing content

Content is essential to your sales. It describes your product and its advantages for potential buyers, including the relevant keywords commonly used in searches on Amazon. Impactful, descriptive writing makes a huge difference between a visitor making a purchase or choosing a competitor.  


Reviews help potential buyers better understand your product and its features, including its quality. Many Amazon shoppers want to see that a product has reviews before purchasing. Encouraging customers to leave a review can help increase your future sales.  


Ensuring the correct category for your store and product pages is a crucial step when launching your account. The category directly impacts your indexing on Amazon through the amount of views your products get and making it easy for potential customers to find you.  

Keywords research

Can’t find your product in Amazon? You may not have used the right keywords to index it. Researching and implementing relevant keywords as part of your content writing is crucial when adding new products. 


Pictures are the most important way you communicate and interact with your potential customer. Photos, graphics, and design have to be optimized and professional for the best effect.

Internal campaigns

Campaigns management on Amazon is the primary way to reach clients when you first begin selling on Amazon, as well as promoting your products organically. 


Video is considered the best way to promote your product and describe its features. Amazon approves this tool to limited accounts, depending on the type of account and the specific seller.  

Promotions & Sales

Special offers help you sell more products and reach your monthly goals. Coupons, special deals, and more.


eCommunity recommends price adjustments based on the market’s numbers of sale and demand, building offers, and coupons. 

Q & A

A direct channel designed for the potential customer to clarify any uncertainties about your products and help them make a decision about purchasing.

Product information

Product information is essential for your potential customers. Optimizing your product descriptions helps your customer reach an informed decision about the purchase.  

Shipping methods

The wrong shipping method can affect your customers’ experience, and, consequently, the ranking of your store. We help you choose the best shipping method for your particular products and needs.