eCommunity is an A-Z agency that meets all of your marketing needs on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms

How can we help you?

Open a store

Opening an account on Amazon can be complicated. We ensure your store is opened in the right category and with the right paperwork. Once your account is approved, we upload all of your products including descriptions, photographs, design, tutorials, and more.

Market research & Competitors

Who else is selling this on Amazon? They are your competition!

In order for your products to be more attractive and valuable than your competitors, we provide in-depth market research to make pricing recommendations, keeping your store relevant and profitable.

Marketing content

According to the market research, we detect the common words used on Amazon and integrate them into your item descriptions. Your store and internal item pages will be indexed on Amazon accordingly. 

Campaigns management

Our advertising department, headed by media buying experts, develops an advertising strategy and establishes continuous advertisement management. This will not only help you appear in search results as a sponsored product, but will also improve our indexing efforts on Amazon. 

Inventory & Shipping Management

We manage and plan your inventory as well as organize shipments to Amazon and help provide the necessary labels. 
Returns and cancellations are managed by Amazon, and we keep track of all orders. 

SEO & Optimization

eCommunity provides ongoing management and improvement of your product’s keywords and marketing content in order to promote organic search engine optimization. We conduct keyword research, content marketing, and more. 

Customer service

We handle all customer service related issues, from returns management to bad reviews. We also respond promptly to customer questions and concerns.

Chek Up Service

Review your current store!

We check your current store and all product pages to see if they’re optimized for Amazon. A detailed report is sent for you to review and make the necessary changes. Read More 

We help it all make sense!

eCommunity provides an A-Z solution in eCommerce platforms. 
Our dedicated account managers walk you through the entire process of opening your Amazon store, getting your products approved, content writing, photos, inventory, design, customer support, and more.